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Your business hinges on a robust IT framework, serving as the foundation for its critical operations.

In the realm of IT, evolution often occurs without a structured plan, adapting to changing demands on the go. That's where we specialize – crafting meticulously detailed blueprints for your IT infrastructure. Our expertise extends to creating comprehensive virtual desktop solutions and an array of cloud-based options.

Moreover, security is at the heart of our approach. At SystemsCloud, prioritize safeguarding your digital assets with cutting-edge security measures. Our strategies encompass robust encryption, proactive threat monitoring, and stringent access controls to fortify your IT environment.

Furthermore, we champion the concept of 'One Pane of Glass' computing. Simply put, it's a unified interface that grants you a centralized view of your entire IT ecosystem. This consolidated view allows for streamlined management and efficient oversight of your virtual desktops, cloud solutions, and security measures. It's about simplifying complexity, giving you a comprehensive view through a single, easy-to-use interface.

Our goal is to optimize your systems, ensuring they're not only functional but also secure and seamlessly aligned with your business objectives. With us, you'll gain a precisely tailored roadmap, leveraging the power of virtual desktops, diverse cloud solutions, and robust security measures, propelling your business toward sustained success.

Our Founder

Constantine, known affectionately as Costas, is the mastermind behind the inception of Art of Computing Limited in 2000, a company synonymous with top-tier IT support. Building on this success, he ventured into uncharted territories by founding CirrusStratus in 2006, swiftly establishing it as a trailblazing Hosted/Virtual Desktop company within the UK's IT landscape.

With a career steeped in the evolution of Virtual Desktop technologies since the nascent days of Terminal Services in 1992, Costas has become an authority in the realm of hosted and virtual desktop solutions. His extensive experience spans the nuanced intricacies of these technologies, showcasing a visionary understanding of their growth and potential.


In 2015, Constantine charted a new course by launching SystemsCloud, fueled by the mission to deliver not only the most cost-effective but also highly innovative cloud solutions available. Under his astute leadership, SystemsCloud rapidly ascended to the forefront of the industry, propelled by a team committed to pioneering cutting-edge solutions.

The hallmark of SystemsCloud lies in its unwavering commitment to providing cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality or security. Constantine's profound insights and expertise in Terminal Services, Cloud Solutions, and Hosted/Virtual Desktops continue to be the guiding force behind SystemsCloud's trajectory, ensuring the provision of secure, affordable, and forward-thinking cloud solutions.

Our History

In the year 2000, Costas embarked on a mission founding Art of Computing, dedicated to providing comprehensive IT support to local businesses and charitable organizations. Rapidly gaining recognition for its traditional IT support services, the company became a trusted pillar within the local community.

As technology evolved, so did the company's ambition.

By 2006, Art of Computing boldly ventured into Cloud Computing, becoming a pioneering provider of Virtual Desktop Services in the UK. This strategic shift highlighted the company's adaptability and forward-thinking approach in embracing emerging technologies.

The year 2015 marked a transformative phase in the company's evolution. Expanding upon its success and driven by an unyielding commitment to innovation, Art of Computing launched SystemsCloud. This strategic initiative aimed not only to cater to the European market but also to establish a strong foothold in the US tech landscape. Initially focusing on cutting-edge Virtual Desktops and advanced Email Archiving solutions, Systems Cloud solidified its reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

However, SystemsCloud's offerings extend far beyond Virtual Desktops and Email Archiving. The company swiftly diversified its portfolio, providing a spectrum of cloud solutions encompassing storage, computing, robust security measures, and more. SystemsCloud emerged as a comprehensive provider, meeting diverse business needs across industries and geographical borders.

Moreover, SystemsCloud has been steadfast in delivering Enterprise-level IT services to businesses of all sizes. Their commitment to offering top-tier IT support tailored specifically for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, remains unwavering. The company's versatile approach ensures businesses receive customized, scalable solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Crucially, SystemsCloud's commitment to security is paramount, especially in the realm of Enterprise-level IT. The company places a premium on robust security measures, implementing cutting-edge protocols to safeguard sensitive data and critical systems. Their focus on security spans comprehensive encryption, proactive threat monitoring, stringent access controls, and ongoing updates to combat evolving cyber threats.

The fusion of Enterprise-level IT services and stringent security measures positions SystemsCloud as a trusted partner for businesses seeking not only innovative IT solutions but also fortified protection against modern cyber risks. Their holistic approach ensures businesses can operate confidently in a secure digital environment while harnessing the power of advanced IT solutions tailored to their needs

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