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Protecting Your Business in the Changing Work Environment

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Attention all employers! The way we work is rapidly changing, and it's time to adapt. The gig economy is on the rise, with more and more millennials freelancing their way through their careers.

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Now, what does this mean for you as an employer? Well, it means that the traditional approach of hiring permanent employees is shifting. In this seller's market for IT skills, talented individuals want the flexibility to work on their terms. But here's the catch: you're entrusting your business to remote contributors you've never met!

Here's the thing, though. The old ways of trusting everyone and giving access to everything no longer make sense in this digital age. Today, the risks are higher than ever, with cyberattacks and security breaches making headlines daily. It's time to rethink how we secure our supply chains and protect our businesses.

Let's talk about some of the vulnerabilities you may be facing:

🔒 Managed Laptops: Expensive to buy and manage, laptops are a security breach waiting to happen. They're a thief's dream and can't guarantee the safety of your data.

🔒 VPNs: The vulnerabilities of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are well-known, and even the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning about them. They provide access to your network without proper visibility into connected devices.

🔒 Jump Boxes: These boxes allow access to your data once the user is inside the network, but they lack auditing capabilities and monitoring. They've already shown vulnerabilities in cyberattacks.

🔒 VDI/DaaS: While desktop virtualization solves some security concerns, it introduces new challenges. It's expensive, time-consuming, and lacks monitoring and auditing features.

It's clear that something needs to change, but here's the exciting part: security and agility don't have to be enemies! With SystemsCloud, you can have both security and flexibility, creating a workspace where trust is the foundation.

To put it concisely:

✅ SystemsCloud ensures secure connections for your teams and vendors in clean white rooms, where you have control over the operating system and credentials. Real-time monitoring and recording keep you in the loop.

✅ Say goodbye to the headaches of managing laptops, devices, and server racks. SystemsCloud simplifies onboarding and scales remote teams in minutes, making agility a reality.

✅ Your best people can finally focus on strategic goals without being weighed down by security protocols or device issues. SystemsCloud frees them to unleash their potential.

The future of work is here, and SystemsCloud is your solution to secure and agile remote collaboration. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to limitless possibilities. 
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